Royale by Rawlins is a luxury shoe company which was birthed out of the idea that royalty, specifically for women, should not only be reserved for one’s bloodline, but rather to every woman who continue to conquer the adversities that life throws her way. We believe that every woman should wear her crown and wear it with the utmost pride.

Women, at times, wear many hats and do so effortlessly. They are confidants, cheerleaders, tutors, story tellers, nurses, protectors, providers and in some cases, the leaders of their single-family households. These attributes, among others, in my eyes are the unique make up of a queen-a true Royale.

I am fortunate to have been raised by a strong queen and have encountered many others from all walks of life, with varying background. Through my interactions with them, one of the common denominators is their undeniable love for shoes. So, I began thinking, how can I merge a woman’s love for shoes and provide her an opportunity to embrace and own her royalty status with every stride. That is where the crowned heel was invented. The crown is not only a symbol of royalty status; but, also a representation of strength, power and commands the respect that often is not bestowed unto women.

I have seen first-hand the positive impact that the right pair of shoes have on a woman. It improves her state of being. She strides differently. Her shoulders are square. Her hope is restored. Her spirit is reenergized. Her confidence is hers. The world becomes hers to conquer. Here at Royale by Rawlins, our goal is to do all this and more for all women. We will create and bring to market beautifully crafted shoes, made from the best materials by the best artisans. All this while furnishing each pair with our Royale touch.